February 22, 24, 2017

Crabtree Family Lecture Series, Union University
Jackson, TN

March 10, 2017

Reformation 500: Union University
Jackson, TN

April (TBA), 2017

Campus Crusade, Miami of Ohio

Oxford, OH

February 26-28, 2016

Camp Barakel Teens and Leaders Retreat

What Ted Speaks About:

Church and Culture
Ted addresses the emergent culture growing…In approachable language and with entertaining stories, Ted lays out his key theological and cultural concerns, and presents a passionate plea for expositional, orthodox preaching and local church involvement from the postmodern generation. This talk will help audiences identify emergent authors, themes, and characteristics while telling the stories of faithful, orthodox evangelical pastors and churches.

From being held at gunpoint in Kiev, Ukraine, to his son’s first steps on American soil, Ted tells the story of God’s faithfulness through his family’s international adoptions (one of which is currently in‐process). When he adopted his son Tristan in 2002, Ted and his wife Kristin were forced to make an unprecedented three trips to Ukraine, as the government there was in the midst of changing their policies on adoption. Ted explains the process of deciding to adopt, finding an agency, financing, and travel with candor and humility. His book Hello, I Love You: an Adoptive Father’s Journey will hit shelves in late 2009, and this talk will inform, encourage, and entertain families who are in the midst of—or are interested in—any aspect of the adoption process.

Sports and Christianity
Where does an orthodox Christian who is passionate about the gospel fit into an exceedingly seedy sports world filled with drugs, sensuality and compromise? In his presentations, Ted seeks to answer some of these tough questions, and encourage Christian athletes, parents and coaches, as well as Christians everywhere who are seeking to be salt and light in secular work environments.

Creative Nonfiction

Ted speaks to writer’s groups and at writing conferences of all sizes, on topics including the personal essay, the memoir, ekphrastics, character, and place.  He also provides private manuscript and book proposal consultations.

What people are Saying About Ted:

“Your creative nonfiction workshop was exceptional and inspired all who attended!” – Warrenville (IL) Arts Council

“The times that Ted has been able to speak to our group at Michigan State, our students have left feeling blessed by his ability to be light and conversational, yet at the same time aware of the weightiness of the issues at hand. He brings both together well and the college students I interact with love him.”

Jon Saunders, Director of Spartan Christian Fellowship

Want Ted to speak at your event?

email: ted@tedkluck.com