New Book Project – Need Your Help!

June 18th, 2009 in Cultural Items I've Consumed by admin 2

So I’ve just signed another contract with Moody Publishing for a project called “To Hell With the Devil: 365 Days of Christian Music, from Al Denson to Alice Cooper.” The idea is that I’ll listen to nothing but Christian music (concerts, CD’s, videos) for a whole year. This will be especially challenging for me since I haven’t listened to Christian music since 1991, when I was 15. I’ll also be interviewing artists, industry types, etc. to try to get my mind around the industry.

You may be reading this, and thinking that youeither:

a.) Are a burgeoning rock star yourself.
b.) Know people who are.
c.) Know people who work in the Christian Music Industry.
d.) Are someone I’ve heard mention Christian music occasionally.
e.) Know way more about music than I do.
f.) Are friends with someone in Stryper (a longshot, but hey…)

That’s great – keep reading! So here’s what I need:

a.) Music ideas…whoa…where to begin. When I bailed on Christian music the first time I was listening to Stryper and Whitecross. My tastes (I use that term loosely) run toward metal (Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera), rap (50-Cent), Bowie type stuff (Bowie), chick rock (Heart, Patty Smyth), and the occasional sensitive singer/songwriter type (Dave Matthews, John Mayer, etc.). I also like pop music…so…any recommendations?
b.) Interviews…with industry folks who (ideally) have a sense of humor.

What you’ll get:

a.) Mentioned in the book – definitely in the acknowledgements, but probably in the real part too…most of my friends end up becoming characters.

So, absolutely no pressure to contribute anything…but I’m looking forward to lots of laughs on this project and wanted to share it with some friends! My “year” starts July 1 and I’ll be “blogging through” the experience occasionally…sort of like training for a marathon!