Why the book “Gum, Geckos and God” by my good friend Jim Spiegel came to me at the right time

July 28th, 2008 in Church by admin 4

There’s a great scene in the movie Jerry McGuire in which a star quarterback, Frank Cushman, explains that he has “Cush lash.” Cush is sick of himself. I have much the same feeling, having been on the blogosphere for a month or two. I’ve been on the front lines of a burgeoning debate (dialogue? conversation?) [...]

Cultural Items I’ve Consumed, Lately Part 1

July 22nd, 2008 in Cultural Items I've Consumed by admin 3

This space will provide an ongoing commentary on some cultural items (author’s note: This is a catch-all term for things I’m reading, watching, listening to, etc. and the word “culture” doesn’t necessarily mean that they have much, or any, real significance) that I’ve consumed, or am consuming at present, for what it’s worth (note: probably [...]